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London Symposium 2017

About Symposium 2017

The Cass MBA London Symposium 2017 took place 22nd—25th May 2017.

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Thank you.

On behalf of the Cass MBA Programme it is a huge pleasure to welcome you all to our third London Symposium. This year is our largest ever Symposium – and boosted further in numbers by our MBA guests from LUISS Business School (Rome), Mannheim Business School in Germany and GIBS Business School from the University of Pretoria in South Africa. We are of course also delighted to welcome Cass alumni back to Cass to join us.

Samuel Johnson, the English author, poet and lexicographer was born in 1709, (almost 10 years before the death of our benefactor, Sir John Cass) and the source of one of the most enduring epithets about our capital city “When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life”.

London buzzes, it thrives. According to RBS’ regional growth report released last Autumn, London’s economy is still outstripping the rest of the UK, growing 3.3 per cent year on year, compared with a national average of 2.5 per cent. London’s economy is underpinned by its substantial pool of professional, scientific and technical services industries. The City and the West End, unsurprisingly, are London’s hot-spots of growth, with the City recording 5.1 per cent growth compared with 2014, when the first London Symposium took place. The impact of the softening global economy is burgeoning, how do and how will London businesses sustain their momentum?

Key features of our global city include its drive, its openness and its appetite for innovation. This is why we have chosen Explorers as the overall theme for our third Cass MBA London Symposium. You will hear from thought leaders and inspiring individuals as they share their insights on contemporary business practice, leading change and the value of being open to risk taking and adventure. Our Symposium is not a conference it is designed as a dynamic and engaging MBA class consisting of plenary speakers, hosted business briefings, masterclasses and social events. You too are Explorers on you own unique expedition across the capital to develop new knowledge, insight and networks.

As a final thought, I commend another quotation from Samuel Johnson to you “Curiosity is, in great and generous minds, the first passion and the last”.

Welcome to the London Symposium and please, be curious.

Dr Sionade Robinson
Associate Dean MBA Programmes

About Cass

Sir John Cass Business School is a modern, forward-looking institution with over 40 years at the leading edge of business education. Established in 1966 as City University Business School, it was renamed Cass Business School in 2002. Since then it has continued its upward trajectory. Cass’s triple-crown accreditation from AMBA, EQUIS and AACSB puts it in the top one per cent of business schools worldwide.

At Cass, we never stand still. We always aspire to excellence and we constantly seek new ways to serve our students and the global business community. Our enviable location means we are perfectly positioned to support the diverse interests of one of the world’s most powerful business and finance capitals.

Naturally, living next door to London’s rich mix of world-leading businesses, professional services and financial institutions informs our education and research strengths. Our goal is to provide support to world class businesses with world-leading thinking. Our research is ground-breaking and, through our partnerships with leading organisations, has a demonstrable impact on business and society.