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London Symposium 2017
Natalie Reynolds

Natalie Reynolds


Founder and CEO

Natalie Reynolds is the Founder and CEO of leading negotiation firm advantageSPRING. Natalie and her team train leading corporates around the world providing high impact interactive negotiation courses that deliver both improved commercials and confidence. Working out of London, Hong Kong and New York, Natalie and her team have been recognised in Forbes magazine as ‘leading experts in effective negotiation’. Natalie is also a globally recognised expert on gender and negotiation and has delivered keynote speeches for organisations such as the Wall Street Womens Alliance, London Women’s Forum and the Hong Kong Womens Foundation.

A former Barrister and Government advisor, Natalie is the bestselling author of ‘We Have a Deal: How to negotiate with intelligence, flexibility and power’ and an advisor on negotiation to the United Nations. Natalie has appeared as a negotiation expert on BBC News, CNBC, Sky News, LBC Radio, Radio 4 and Radio 5Live as well as writing for publications such as the Financial Times, the Guardian, Director magazine, CITY AM, Forbes and the Independent. Natalie is passionate about making negotiation accessible to everyone and as such her firm provides pro-bono negotiation support to organisations such as UN Women, the NSPCC, Human Rights Watch and the Clinton Foundation.

Speaking in:

Brexit and Beyond

Wednesday, 24th May 2017

11:00am to 11:55am

National Gallery, Sainsbury Wing, Trafalgar Square, London WC2N 5DN