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Tanya Tarr

Tanya Tarr

Negotiation Coach

Tanya Tarr is a negotiation coach and regular contributor to Forbes, where she writes about negotiation technique, leadership and equal pay. She has interviewed notable leaders like former state senator Wendy Davis, who lead a historic 11-hour filibuster for women’s rights in Texas and Halla Tomasdottir, former candidate for President of Iceland, who also founded a financial services corporation based on feminine values – core values that helped her company survive the economic meltdown of Iceland in 2008. She also tracks equal pay policies across the globe and has profiled the companies that have done it well (or not so well.)

Previous to coaching and writing, Tanya worked for seventeen years in political and legislative campaigns across the United States at all levels of government. Previous to politics, Tanya worked with military families and for the defense industry, as well as tracking renewable energy policy for the State Assembly of New York.

Tanya is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University and the Heinz Graduate School of Public Policy and Management, with a Master of Science in Performance Measurement. She studied negotiation technique with Dr. Linda Babcock, and was mentored by Dr. Patrick Larkey, a pioneer in the field of performance measurement and quantitative analysis.

Tanya is a seasoned facilitator and a certified coach through the State University of New York, Purchase. She has moderated dozens of panel discussions, workshops and master classes, and is known for entertaining and educating hundreds with her unconventional and interactive training style.

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